civil justice system

Older Americans Suffer Most from Civil Justice System

A $250,000 cap on non-economic damages—the only compensation a jury can provide for an injury itself as opposed to reimbursement for the injured person's out-of-pocket expenses—is unfair to the most severely injured victims of medical negligence. It would discriminate against seniors and would do nothing to make health care safer or lower doctors' premiums. A cap on non-economic damages discriminates against seniors When a retired person is injured or killed by medical negligence, there are no … [Read More...]

Katrina Hurricane

Are we protected against natural disasters?

The occurrence of natural disasters is unavoidable, and most times very scary for those unwillingly involved. There is no way to prevent earthqu akes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires because they are all natural events, which occur … [Read More...]

Ufo Clouds

The UFO Cloud Incident

OK, I know many of you will find this one stretchs the imagination a bit, but these are the facts. We had hiked out to First Creek at Red Rock, back in June of 2002. On our return to the road we spotted this cloud formation that looked very much … [Read More...]